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Final Economic Development Workshop – Sunday, April 13th

Join the discussion about our Future


There have been lots of ideas – How are we going to make these great ideas happen? Come join the discussion! This is the final workshop of the project.

At this workshop, we will:
• Present “final” strategies
• Discuss local resources
• Determine how to move forward from here  

Final Economic Development Workshop

Sunday, April 13th   1:00 – 4:00 pm

 FO Hall

??? Questions ???  

Gord Curry at or (250) 671-9005
Shane Field at or (250) 973-6939
Colleen Hamilton at or 1 (877) 374-4685 Ext. 6

Check out the project website to get up to speed and see all project-related documents:

March 2nd Economic Development Workshop

The second community workshop for the ‘Growing Malcolm Island’ strategic planning project was held on March 2nd at the F.O. Hall. The goals of the meeting were  to gather feedback on the economic development vision, objectives and strategies developed through the project so far, and to discuss how any specific actions might be implemented by the community. Approximately 35 people attended the meeting.
 An interactive question and answer survey was part of the workshop, giving participants an opportunity to anonymously ‘vote’ on the proposed objectives and strategies. With the questions presented on a screen at the front of the hall, participants rated answers by using an electronic ‘clicker’ which automatically tallied and then presented the results. This exercise was a quick and effective way to get community feedback on the important ideas that have surfaced during the ‘Growing Malcolm Island’ project.

For anyone who was unable to attend, but who would like to be able to add their voice to the conversation, please take a moment to fill out the survey here ( ). Thank you and we look forward to a great turnout at the next workshop, which will be held Sunday April 13th at the FO hall, from 1-4PM. See you there!

Community Meeting Sunday Feb. 2nd


Join the discussion about our Future

Come join us to talk about our economic future on the island, and what we can do to ensure that Malcolm Island remains a great place to live, work and play.


At this workshop, we will:

Present results from previous meeting

Prioritize strategies

Discuss how we’re going to make all these great ideas happen

 The meeting will take place Sunday, Feb. 2nd at the FO Hall from 1PM – 4PM

YOUR INPUT IS IMPORTANT: If you want to have input and cannot make it to the meeting – contact Colleen Hamilton at Ecoplan or (877) 374- 4685 ext. 6

Check out the project website to get up to speed and find all project related documents, and bookmark us to check back for frequent updates:

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to call:


Gord Curry at or (250) 671- 9005

Shane Field at or (250) 973- 6939

Colleen Hamilton at or 1 (877) 374 – 4685 ext. 6


We look forward to seeing you there!