the Malcolm Island Grassroots Development Forum is comprised of a group of community members who share both a concern for the economic stability and growth of Malcolm Island, and a desire to help ensure that generations to come will have the ability to enjoy what we currently share.

Our planning project is being coordinated with the help of a Steering Committee that includes:

  • Gord Curry
  • Shane Field
  • Susan Harvey
  • Tosha Nelson
  • Hans Madsen
  • Stephanie Rockman
  • Morag Carter
  • Heidi Soltau
  • Pat English
  • David Mitchell
  • Greg Dobson
  • Sheila Roote

We have also hired a small planning firm, EcoPlan, to help with the project. Questions? Comments? Ask a steering committee member in person, email migdf@malcolmisland.org, or call Gord Curry at 250-671-9005.